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Why Businesses Should Choose Hosted Voice

Posted 06/27/2019 by Eagle Communications

Hosted Phone

Why Businesses Should Choose Hosted Voice

There is no question that reliable phone service is very important for businesses, but how do you choose the best solution? While nearly everyone has a mobile phone, these devices provide limited benefits and capabilities. Traditional phone service, which uses copper wiring to make and receive calls, is becoming outdated and costly. Many businesses are choosing hosted voice, which is internet-delivered, for their business phone needs.


Traditional Phone vs. Hosted Voice: What’s the Difference?

At its core, phone service allows individuals to connect with one another. While it’s been around for a long time, traditional phone has several shortcomings compared to hosted voice, which we explain below.

Traditional phone requires clunky equipment. For it to work, a large box is mounted on an office wall and is specially configured for the number of lines and necessary features to support the phone system. On the flipside, hosted voice requires no equipment. Because the signal is delivered over the internet, all you need is a reliable broadband network.

Traditional phone is costly. While traditional analog phones may have lower upfront costs, they are more costly to support, upgrade, and integrate with other communications applications. Traditional phone requires an ongoing maintenance contract to keep things running smoothly, and additional charges are accrued every time a new line is added, or configuration changes are needed. With hosted voice, you’re in control of making the changes. Need to add a line or enable a new feature? You can do it easily and quickly through a web portal, which in turn keeps ongoing costs down and makes it much easier to manage your system.

Traditional phone has limitations. There is only one type of handset that works with a traditional phone system. It also lacks some of the advanced features a business may need to support their communication needs. When you use a hosted voice solution, there are a variety of compatible phones to choose from, with customizable features to support your business needs.


How can Eagle Business Services help with your phone needs?

To begin, Eagle’s Business Services experts will complete a full site survey to ensure that the implementation of your new hosted voice system is successful. In many cases, the new voice system may be able to run over your current network, but if not, they will make recommendations and can even update the network to make sure it’s ready.

When you’re ready to move forward with installing your new hosted voice system, we help you determine what you want your phones to do. For example, how many users will need phones, and what features should be enabled on each of them? After this is determined, Eagle sets up the workflow, and then the installation is as simple as plugging in your new phones. Once your hosted voice system is up and running, Eagle can even manage it for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a hosted voice solution can improve your business, call us at (844) 313-2453.