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Our Business Services Team Keeps You Connected

Posted 05/01/2019 by Eagle Communications

EBS Team Photo 


If you own or manage a business, there are certain services, like broadband and phone service, that are absolute necessities. Without them, conducting business, finding new customers and staying connected would be nearly impossible. Since we have become so reliant on these two services for our business and personal lives, we really give don’t them a second thought. 

Until something goes wrong.

And at that point, WHO you are getting your broadband or phone service from makes all the difference.

Eagle Business Services, a division of Eagle Communications, provides broadband, phone, and TV service to businesses like yours. And we realize you have many choices when selecting these services for your business with other national and local providers who say they do the same thing. But they don’t do it like we do.

Here’s the thing. You’re a business owner with other priorities. You have customers to satisfy, vendors to manage, employees to lead. You shouldn’t have to think about what phone and broadband do for your business, you just need it to work. And keeping you connected to your customers, clients, suppliers or remote employees is our top priority.

Our Community...Connected

This is our motto, and it’s literally what we do. These are the words we live by when it comes to serving our customers. Phone connects you by voice, internet connects you in every other way – sending emails, hosting a website – whatever the need, we’re keeping businesses connected. But we also believe in the importance of the connection between people. When Eagle provides broadband and phone service to your business, it’s not just about connecting utility. We also provide a connection to some of the best professionals in the business, who are there to support, troubleshoot – whatever you need to keep your connections going.

Local, Reliable

You’re subscribing to these essential services to stay connected. But you need that connection to be reliable. When something isn’t working right, you don’t have time to sit on hold for 10 minutes with a giant call center 1000 miles away so they can try to troubleshoot your problem using technical terms you might not understand. You want the same quality of service that you provide to your own customers. That’s what we do. We work in the same community you do – so you can always count on quick responses and same-day service.

We’re Business Owners Too

You might not know this but Eagle, and all our divisions, is 100% employee-owned. This employee-ownership positively influences the way our team does business and motivates us to bring our "A game” every single day. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your business is getting the best value possible when you subscribe to our business services.