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Who is Eagle Marketing Solutions?

Posted 05/01/2019 by Eagle Communications

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Marketing Strategy

When running a business, you have a lot of responsibilities and decisions to make. Making sure customers’ needs are met is a top priority. But while you’re busy taking care of your current customers, who is attracting new customers and building your business? 

Did you know that Eagle has a Marketing Solutions division dedicated to helping small business share their stories, reach potential customers and up their branding game? This marketing team is ready to learn about your unique business needs and work alongside you to create the solutions you need to stand out against your competitors and grow your business.

We understand that not every business can afford to have a marketing expert on staff. Or sometimes that marketing expert is also your accountant and HR manager, and they can’t put as much effort into marketing as is necessary. But we can help.

What makes us different?

Local and Approachable

We live and work in the same community as you. We shop at the same stores, our kids go to school together, and it’s likely we’ve even used your services or are at least familiar with what you do. Simply put, we get you.

Transparency without Bureaucracy

Sure, there are large, flashy agencies who offer the same services we do. But whatever it is that you need, whether digital advertising or TV spots, we have the team and expertise to get the work done without the hassle of a giant firm with multiple divisions. And we’re right here in your community, so we’re easily accessible whenever you need us.

We’re Business Owners Too

Did you know that Eagle, and all its divisions, are 100% employee-owned? That means everyone on our team has some skin in the game when it comes to making sure our customers are satisfied. We are personally invested in every transaction, every client meeting, every outcome.

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How can we help?

Brand Recognition

We provide many options to successfully share your story, including videos, TV and radio spots, and digital ads for web and social.

Business Growth

We’ll help you optimize your advertising to get the highest visibility and reach potential customers through Eagle Post, TV networks, social media (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube and more.

Broad Suite of Services

We’re able to provide everything you need for a successful marketing campaign, from development of the collateral to placement of the ads, as well as post-campaign analytics to measure success and help you plan for the next campaign.

Our team of marketing experts would love to discuss your marketing needs and learn how we can help you grow your business - call us at 833-429-7678!