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Error Messages

Error Messages

Unrouteable Address

This error indicates that the listed email address does not exist on our mail system. Please check the recipent's address and try again.


Mailbox is full

Our email customers are subject to a mailbox size quota. If you receive this error message, the listed email address has exceeded their allotted mailbox size quota. The only solution to this error is for the mailbox owner to remove some messages from their mailbox. The most common problem is not emptying the 'Trash' folder.


Errors Sending Mail to Eagle Mailboxes

If you have found this page, you have received an error while trying to send email to an Eagle hosted email account. Our goal at Eagle Communications is to provide the best possible email solution to our customers while maintaining an excellent reputation on the internet. We strive to offer mail services that are responsive as well as effective at stopping unwanted (spam) emails from being delivered to mailboxes on our system. Listed below are some of the more common errors you may receive while sending to Eagle hosted mailboxes.


Relay Not Permitted

This error means that you tried to use the Eagle mail servers as an email relay. This can be caused by using the Eagle mail servers to send to an outside domain (ex: without authenticating yourself to the mail server first. The most common problem that causes this error is an email client (Outlook, etc.) setup error. Please refer to our support page for help in setting up your mail client properly. If you need further assistance, or the help pages do not resolve your issue, please contact our support department.


Client host rejected [ip address]: rDNS indicates dynamic address

Most internet customers will receive an IP address automatically (dynamically) from their ISP (Internet Service Provider). Some ISP's assign reverse DNS records to their dynamic IP pools. Spammers, viruses, and malware will exploit this loop-hole to trick other mail servers into thinking that they are a legitimate mail server. We have implemented this check into order to circumvent this spamming technique. If you receive this error please contact your email provider for help in resolving the error. If you are an Eagle customer the most likely cause is an error in your mail client's configuration. Please contact our support department if our help pages fail to resolve the problem.


Client host rejected [ip address]: no rDNS

This error indicates that the machine that is sending mail to Eagle's mail servers does not have a forward-confirmed reverse DNS entry. What this means is the IP address of the computer that is sending the message does not properly resolve to a hostname (eg. that can be verified by then looking up the hostname in DNS to obtain the original IP address. For example:

Reverse record [ =>]

Forward record [ =>]

This check is a technique that will block the majority of spammers from sending junk mail to our users. However, as with any technical solution, there will be undesirable side effects. In order for your emails to be delivered, we need a little information from you, the sender. The error message you received should have included the entire message header that will give you a lot of information about the attempted delivery, like the originating IP address, etc. Please forward this return message to your email provider and ask them to contact our support department ( for help in permanently resolving the issue. If you wish, you may directly contact Eagle's support department for help.