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Watching TV

Watching TV

Can I skip commercials?

FUSION enables you to skip any program content you desire, not just commercials. Simply press the SKIP button to move forward. You can program the SKIP button to move forward for 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 15 minutes. It is preset for 30 seconds.

To change the skip length:

1.    Press MENU and use the left/right arrows to navigate to SETTINGS.

2.    Press OK.

3.    Use the up/down arrows to navigate to SKIP. You will see the current skip time there.

4.    To change the skip length, press OK.

5.    Use the up/down arrows to choose the desired length and press OK.

6.    Press CLOSE.

Of course, you can't skip forward past the current time in a live TV show.


Can I change the order of the live TV channels and recorded content?

Yes. The Sort Options for TV Channels can be found in the Menu Customization section of Settings. This provides the capability to specify sort order for live TV channels and Recorded Content. Live TV channels can be sorted in numerically ascending or descending order. The sort order options apply to all TV filter cards that display live TV broadcasts. Recorded content can be sorted in alphabetically ascending or descending order.


How do I view future programming in the channel listings?

Select the Change Time Slot card and press the right arrow to choose a future time slot. You can also change the time slot by pressing Next on the remote control when you are in the TV Channels list.


Can I customize my channel lineup so that only the channels I want to watch are listed in Channel Listings?

Yes. There are two ways to do this.

Use Favorites. To add channels to your favorites list press INFO. Use the up/down arrows and select ADD ITEM TO FAVORITES.

To view your favorites, press MENU, and use the left/right arrows to navigate to FAVORITES.


Edit the channel listings.

1.    Press MENU and use the left/right arrows to navigate to SETTINGS.

2.    Use the up/down arrows to navigate to CHANNEL LIST and press OK

3.    To hide a channel, use the up/down arrows to select a channel.

4.    Press OK

5.    The channel will be hidden from the channel guide and grid guide.

Channel lineups can be unique to each Player in your home.