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Recorded TV

Recorded TV

How many hours of programming can I record?

With the standard 500 gigabyte hard drive, you can store about 300 hours of SD or 75 hours of HD programming. Add an optional SATA drive (up to 8 terabytes) and store up to about 4,000 hours of SD or 1,200 hours of HD.


How can I manage my DVR recordings?

·       You can manage DVR recordings from just about any place you can see the program name including:

o   the channel listings on the FUSION guide

o   search results

o   Recorded TV menu from any Player.

·       You can also find all of your recordings (and scheduled recordings) by pressing the DVR button on your remote control.


How do I know how much space is remaining for recorded content?

You can access remaining storage space from either the Settings category or the Recorded TV category. Press OK on the remote from either location to see the Storage Meter. The Storage Meter lets you know how much space you have left to record more programs. You can connect an external hard drive to increase recording space. The Storage Meter will include your external hard drive space when connected.


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