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Parental Controls

Parental Controls


How do I use parental controls?

Set Parental Controls using the Settings card. The first time Parental Controls are used, you must create a Personal Identification Number (PIN).


Which programs can I lock?

Parental Controls allows you to lock shows by TV Rating, Movie Rating, and Channel. In addition, you can lock out individual shows, including recorded programs. The system also records scheduled shows that are blocked by parental controls. 


How can I access locked programs?

You’ll need to enter your PIN. The first time you use Parental Controls, the system asks you to create a PIN. You are able to change your PIN later.


Can I lock and unlock programs?

Yes; you can lock and unlock your shows by TV Rating, Movie Rating, and Channel. You can also turn off all your Parental Controls at the same time or unlock a show for a specified amount of time. 


How do I change my PIN for parental controls?

Use Settings in the Main Menu. Select Parental Controls, then choose Settings and Change PIN. Enter your current PIN, then enter the new PIN and enter it again to confirm.


Can a unique PIN be created for each media player?

Yes. A different PIN can be created for each Player. Do this at the individual Player. Many Settings are unique to each Player, including Favorites and Channel Lists.


What if I forget my PIN?

Please contact our Customer Support Team.