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Follow Me TV

Follow Me TV


What do I do if I get a “Pairing failed” message at the pairing screen?

Make sure that the code you entered is the same as the code displayed on your TV screen. If you are still not able to pair, try later or contact our Customer Support Team. 


Do I have to be at home to use the Follow Me TV app?

No, you do not need to be home. You can manage your DVR, search the guide, and schedule recordings from anywhere. However, to use the remote screen and to choose “watch” from the guide screen for current programming, the App must be connected to the wireless network provided from your home gateway. If you are having trouble with the remote, please check your Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device to make sure it is connected to your wireless connection from the main gateway.


How do I rename my Media Player?

Tap the Settings tab. Tap Account. Tap the name of the media player you want to change. Type the new name and tap return.


Why is the remote control panel dimmed out?

Your mobile device must be on the media gateway’s wireless network for the remote control panel to work. Try the following:

·       Make sure the wireless network on the media gateway is on and that your mobile device is connected to it. By default, it is off.

·       Your mobile device can be sensitive to local wireless networks, and it is sometimes necessary to disable all but the media gateway’s wireless network in order to ensure the mobile device will use it.


What do I do if Follow Me TV crashes and can't be relaunched?

Reboot your mobile device by cycling the power off and on.


What do I do when I get the message, “no Guide data available”?

Check the wireless connectivity, and tap the retry button until Guide data reappears.


I can’t play video on my mobile device inside the home. Why?

Common reasons for this problem are:

·       Our mobile device is not on the media gateway’s wireless network. Check your device to see if it is on the media gateway’s wireless network.

·       The channel you are trying to stream is not configured to be streamable. To check for streamable stations: Tap the Guide tab. Tap the Options Gear to open the TV Filter. Select the Streaming Only slider.

·       The media gateway is limited to streaming to four mobile devices at a time. Any additional mobile device attempting to stream will be unable to.

·       The media gateway has six tuners. If the combination of media players and mobile devices attempting to stream is greater than six, any additional devices attempting to stream will be unable to.