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Alexa/Echo Devices

Alexa/Echo Devices

How do I set up my Echo device to work with FUSION?

STEP 1: Enable Eagle FUSION in the Alexa App on your smartphone

1)    Open the Alexa App on your mobile device. Open the side menu by tapping the three bars on the upper left.

2)    Tap "Settings" from the side menu. 

a.    If not already logged in, you will first have to
log in using your Amazon account credentials

3)     Under "Alexa Preferences" section, select "TV & Video"

4)    From the list, select "Eagle." The skill will have the Eagle logo. ENABLE SKILL


6)    You will see a screen asking you to get a code from the FUSION menu. Leave this screen open and proceed to pair your Internet-connected set-top box (STB) with Amazon Alexa. 


STEP 2: Pair your FUSION with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device

1.    On your FUSION device, use the remote control to navigate to Settings.

2.    Navigate vertically through the list of cards until you see an Alexa App card. Press OK on the remote control.

3.    Select get code. Note: This code is only valid for one hour.

4.    In Amazon Alexa app enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen and select activate

5.    When you see the green check-mark, tap continue

6.    A confirmation is displayed in the app when the device is successfully paired; close this window.

7.    Choose the device that matches your FUSION STB, then tap continue

8.    Choose the Alexa-enabled device you are linking and tap Link Devices to complete the pairing. Tap Return to Eagle

You can now use voice commands to control your FUSION experience



How do I use Alexa to control my media player?

STEP 1: Wake up your Amazon Alexa device by saying “Alexa.”

***The light ring around the top of your Amazon Alexa-enabled device will light up to indicate Alexa is ready to listen to your voice commands


For Amazon Tap users: hold down the microphone button on the speaker to engage Alexa before issuing a command


STEP 2:  Give Alexa a command

Change the Channel

Try saying:

·        “Alexa, tune to TBS.”

·        “Alexa, go to Channel 140.”

·        “Alexa, change the channel to HGTV.”


Search the Guide

Find something specific with commands like:

·        “Alexa, search for Fixer Upper.”

·        “Alexa, find Tom Hanks movies.”

·         “Alexa, show me the Texas Rangers.”


Play a DVR Recording

To play an event stored on your DVR, just say:

·        “Alexa, watch Grey’s Anatomy.”

·        “Alexa, play The Walking Dead.”


Control Playback

Just say:

·        “Alexa, pause,” or “Alexa, resume,” or “Alexa, play.”

·        “Alexa, fast-forward,” or “Alexa, skip forward.”

·        “Alexa, rewind,” or “Alexa, skip back.”


Use your remote to scroll through the returned results and click any on-screen buttons (like rent, subscribe, or watch on demand).


I don’t see the Amazon Alexa card.

Possible cause: You are not in Settings.

·       From the main FUSION menu, navigate left or right to Settings (the gear icon), then navigate up or down to find the Amazon Alexa card.


Possible cause: Your set-top box (STB) has not been updated with the Alexa entitlement.

·       Try rebooting your STB. You can simply unplug the power plugs to your media gateway (and media player if you have a separate player) and plug them back in and they will reboot automatically. If this fails to fix the problem, contact your provider.


During setup, I don’t see any devices that I can control with Alexa.

Possible cause: When the app says to “close this window to discover devices you can control with Alexa,” in iOS, if you tap X (instead of Done) the app closes and setup is aborted.

·       Get a new pairing code in FUSION (from the Amazon Alexa card in Settings) and restart the process of enabling Eagle FUSION in the Alexa App. When you reach the page with the message to close the window, look for Done. Note that Done may only appear when you swipe the page down. This is a quirk of the Alexa App on some devices.


During setup, I get an “Invalid Code” error after entering my pairing code.

Possible cause: You may have entered the code incorrectly.

·       Verify that you have entered the code correctly. Ensure 0s (zeros) and Os are correct.

Possible cause: The pairing code may have expired or has already been used.

·       Pairing codes are only valid for 1 hour.  To get an updated pairing code, go to FUSION, Settings, Amazon Alexa and select get code. If the code has been used or is expired, a new code will be provided.


I completed the setup process successfully, but my TV doesn’t respond to voice commands.

Possible cause: You may have paired Alexa with the wrong player (if you have more than one player in your home).

·       If you have multiple players on the FUSION system in your home, make sure you choose the correct player in your Alexa app when selecting the device to connect with Alexa. This will be the player you obtained the code for in the Amazon Alexa card in the FUSION UI.


Alexa fails to find search term.

Possible cause: unclear command

·       The most reliable search command is “find.” If your searches often fail, use “find” instead of “search on,” “show me,” or “search for.”


Possible cause: Complex search term

·       Keep your search term as simple as possible. For instance, asking Alexa to find “action movies” can fail because there are two terms for Alexa to focus on: action and movies. Simply ask Alexa to “find action”; this will result in Alexa finding all shows with the genre “action” or “action” in their title or description. (In other words, it is a keyword search.)

·       Likewise, instead of asking Alexa to find “Seattle Seahawks,” which is likely to fail, simply ask Alexa to find “Seahawks.” This search will succeed.


Possible cause: Apostrophe in search term

·       At this time, the apostrophe is not in Alexa’s “vocabulary.” So for instance, asking Alexa to find “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” will fail. We are working to fix this issue.


Alexa fails to tune to the station I want.

Possible cause: unclear command

·       The most reliable commands for tuning to a particular station are “tune to” or “watch.” Use these tuning commands for better results.


Possible cause: Alexa doesn’t recognize local station

·       Alexa may have difficulty recognizing local station names. Whenever possible, use the national station name instead of the local affiliate station name. For instance, instead of asking Alexa to tune to KAKE (the ABC affiliate station in Hays), say, “tune to ABC.”


Alexa fails to pause after starting playback via the remote control

Possible cause: Alexa’s player context may be associated with another skill.  For example, Spotify.

·       Simply add the channel to the start of the command. For example.  Say “Alexa, pause channel.”


Alexa fails to stop playback of a recording; playback only pauses.

Possible cause: Alexa equates the command “stop” with pause.

·       At this time, Alexa interprets “stop” as pause. There is no voice command to end playback of a recording as in using the stop button on the remote control. This is an Alexa issue; we are working with Amazon to fix this.