Internet FAQ

General Information & Support that answers general questions about Eagle Internet

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What are Eagle's DNS addresses?

Eagle has several DNS servers located throughout our network to provide geo-redundancy and excellent name resolution performance. Below you will find a list of all available DNS servers and their locations. Any of the listed server addresses can be used as primary or secondary, anywhere within Eagle's network. Note: these servers are accessible only to Eagle's customers while on Eagle's network.
DNS Servers:

  • - Central City, NE
  • - Abilene, KS
  • - Hays, KS
  • - Hays, KS

What all is needed for a cable internet connection?

You will need to provide an Internet-accessing digital device, such as a computer, iPod, Blu-ray DVD player, gaming system, etc. Eagle Communications will provide the necessary cable modem and other required digital equipment.

Can I share my internet connection with other computers in my home?

Yes, you can share your connection. If you want to share, you will need either an Ethernet switch or a broadband router. A switch will simply split the connection (for up to 3 computers). A router will also split the connection, but will allow as many computers as you want to access the Internet. A router will also provide the security of a firewall, and provide file and printer sharing capabilities. Both items are available for purchase from Eagle Communications.

How can I test my internet speeds?

The most common way to test internet speeds is to use a benchmarking tool. Here are a few that we use.