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Internet Connections

Internet Connections

What all is needed for a cable internet connection?

You will need to provide an Internet-accessing device, such a computer, iPad, Blu-ray DVD player, gaming system, etc. Eagle Communications will provide ONLY the necessary cable modem and other accompanying equipment.


Can I share my connection with other computers in my home?

Yes, you can share your connection. We recommend utilizing BOOST, our home networking solution that enables customers to maximize their Internet experience anywhere in your home by expanding their network and eliminating WiFi dead zones. BOOST provides you with a dual-band modem and router, access points for extended wireless coverage, setup by a certified BOOST technician, and network, password, and device management.


What should I do if my internet is not working? 

      * Check that the Eagle internet device has not been moved from it’s original installation point 

      * Make sure the Eagle internet device is receiving power (power light on the front of the unit)

      * Is your internet service being interrupted on all devices?

      * Is your internet service being interrupted via WiFi and/or Direct Connect?

If your internet is still not working, please contact our Support Team.


How can I test my speed?

The most common way to test internet speeds is to use a benchmarking tool. Here are a few that we use.