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Tips for Better WiFi

Tips for Better WiFi

Below are the top 10 tips we recommend for better WiFi:


1. Use a wire - Connecting to a wi-fi network will always be slower and less reliable than a wired connected. So, when possible, connect your computer directly to your modem using an ethernet cable.


2. Modem placement matters - It just makes sense that walls and other barriers can impede your Wi-fi signal. The best place for your modem is a central location with as few obstacles as possible between the modem and your connected devices. It’s also helpful to place your modem high off the floor and away from metal object. Appliances, like microwaves, and other electronic devices, like cordless phones, that can interfere with your wi-fi signal.


3. Know your devices - Be aware of what devices are connected to your network and their internet speed capabilities. More devices connected at once means less bandwidth is available for each device. And some devices can’t keep up with faster wi-fi speeds, which slows down all the others. Check the owner’s manual or search online to learn what speeds your devices can support.


4. Restart your modem - A simple reboot can solve many wi-fi problems. Turn off power for 30 seconds and turn back on. If you have to restart multiple times a day, contact Eagle’s technical support team.


5. Remove viruses and malware - Scan your computer and devices for viruses and malware. There are many free software programs available to keep your devices running clean and virus-free.


6. Update Software - Update your operating systems and internet browsers. It’s critical for the performance and security of all your devices that you download and install the latest updates on a regular basis.


7. Close applications - Close wi-fi hungry applications when you’re not using them. Leaving some programs open, like those used for online streaming or videos games will use up bandwidth – even after you’ve moved on to something else.


8. Protect your network with a strong password - Choosing a secure, WPA or WPA2 compatible password with letters & numbers will protect your personal information. And keep other people from using your bandwidth, thus slowing your wi-fi speeds.


9. Upgrade your hardware - Today’s all-in-one dual-band routers deliver faster wi-fi speeds to more devices. And our BOOST equipment updates firmware automatically for optimum performance.

10. Contact Eagle CommunicationsUpgrade your speed, equipment and add BOOST wi-fi for a better wi-fi experience.