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General Information & Support that answers general questions about Eagle Phone

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What is Eagle Telephone?

Eagle Telephone is a feature-laden service that works with existing wiring in your home and does not require cable TV or an Internet connection. It offers the standard calling features and the service quality that you expect from your phone service provider. Calling features offered (feature availability due to level of service): Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call ID Blocking, 3-Way Calling and Anonymous Call Rejection.

Will Eagle Telephone work with my existing phone?

All standard touch-tone phones, wall mounted, portable and cordless phones will work with Eagle Telephone. Rotary phones will not work with our telephone service.

Will I need special equipment?

Eagle will provide and maintain any equipment required that works with existing phone lines.

How do I place a call?

Just pick up your phone and dial the 7-digit number for local calls and 11-digit number for long distance calls – like when you dial to make a call from a cell phone.

How do I make international calls?

International calling is set to NOT work as the default setting. This setting prevents users from accidentally making an international call and receiving a large bill for a call they did not intend to make. If you want to make international calls, you will need to contact Eagle Customer Care and ask to have your international calling enabled. Then, for international calls, dial the international code, followed by the phone number.

Can I use Eagle Internet, Television, and Telephone services at the same time?

Yes, you can. They will all work at the same time without interruption as each service works independently of the others.

Do I need to subscribe to other Eagle services in order to subscribe to Eagle Telephone?

You do not have to subscribe to other services in order to subscribe to Eagle Telephone. However, if you are a subscriber to other Eagle services (Eagle Cable TV and/or Eagle High-Speed Internet) you will receive a discount on your telephone service with our bundled pricing. You could save up to $257.40 a year from bundling alone when you subscribe to multiple Eagle services. With bundled pricing, you can make choices that are right for you -- get what (and only what) you want.

Will Eagle Telephone replace my current local & long distance phone provider?

Yes. The Eagle Unlimited plan gives you unlimited minutes per month of local and long distance calls made to anywhere in the U.S. The Eagle Unlimited plan gives you unlimited local and long distance calls per month made anywhere in the U.S. You can also make international calls; international call rates will apply.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes. Since it is much easier to keep your number than it is to change it, Eagle Communications will port your number from your old service provider.

How do I use 911 services?

Just like you always have – just pick up the phone and dial 911. Calls are routed to your local 911 Call Center. State the nature of your emergency promptly and clearly, so that the appropriate Emergency Response Team can be dispatched.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact our technical support toll-free: 877-625-9901

How do I use all the features Eagle Telephone offers?

View or download the PDF below for an in-depth guide.
Download our phone guide

How do I access the phone manager portal?

You can access the updated phone manager portal at