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Viacom, AMC, MLB, CBS Sports Network Changes

Viacom, AMC, MLB, CBS Sports Network Changes

Why are these channels being dropped? 

The number one complaint we receive from our customers about TV is the priceDue to the long-term contracts, we are forced to opt into by programmers to provide networks and their channels, it is impossible for us to pick and choose the most expensive channels to stop providing because of the way they are bundled together. Knowing this, we have searched for ways to reduce our costs of providing TV services.  


Because renewing our contracts with these programmers is a part of our pending acquisition of Eagle Broadband, this creates a unique opportunity for us to no longer enter into certain long-term contracts that guarantee rate increases, and the ability to drop channels that make the biggest impact to your bill. We have studied ratings of our offered channels and our customers’ viewing preferences and have decided now is the time to make changes. We have decided to drop the networks of Viacom, AMC, MLB, and CBS Sports, as we feel this will provide the greatest savings to you. 

Most price increases are due to rising fees charged by large media companies that we, your local cable operator, must pay. Sometimes, we are forced to share those costs with our customers. Unfortunately, it’s about power: eight multi-billion-dollar corporations own or control nearly 90% of channels. As they continue to use their size and power to demand more money, we work hard to keep costs under control. As your cable TV provider, we protect our customers by negotiating on your behalf. Our goal is to help manage your monthly bill by fighting against excessive fee increases and we’ve taken advantage of this opportunity to save you money.  For more information, please visit 


Will you reduce the cost of TV because of this? 

Yes, in the form of a monthly rebate. This will take effect at the time of the channel drop through the end of January 2020. You will see this rebate under the “Promotions and Discounts” section on your bill. If you’d like to learn more about ways you can lower your monthly bill, please call us. Our entertainment experts are ready to discuss the options Eagle can provide. 


How will I watch my shows? 

You can access the same content a variety of different ways. View them here


Will I get a refund? 

No refunds will be given, but we are offering a rebate to all expanded and upon tv tiered customers. Due to the timing of our billing cycle and the channel drop deadline, we were unable to proactively add a rebate to your September bill. You will see a double rebate applied to your October bill to cover for the previous month. If you have questions about your bill, contact us, as we want to ensure you are satisfied with our services.  


I entered an agreement for X time period with you which implies I'd receive the same service... now you have changed this. Does this void my agreement?  

No, it does not void your agreement. Our agreement is to provide a bundle of channels as part of your television package. Eagle does not make a commitment to provide specific channels, allowing us the opportunity to add and remove programming that can improve your experience and save you money.  In dropping these channels, we are excited to share the savings with you. A rebate will be applied to your bill, even if you are committed to a contract or receiving promotional pricing. Expanded and above TV tier customers will only receive this credit, as it affects only their TV packages 


How do I know if streaming TV right for me? 

We suggest using the alternatives we’ve provided to find other ways to watch the shows you love. Streaming TV might be the best option for you if you watch most of the channels the streaming platform provides. If you do decide streaming TV is the right option for you, be sure to research the channels you’re looking for and opt to take advantage of a free trial.  Streaming TV may require faster internet speed than what your current TV package uses, so it might be time to upgrade your Internet speed. Call today, we have several money-saving options for you to enjoy the fastest speed at an affordable price.   


What kind of internet connection/speed do I need for streaming TV? 

There are many factors that go into finding the appropriate speed for your home. When deciding what speed you need, feel free to give us a call.  Our Customer Care Agents are trained to help you find the right speed, with just a few simple questions. 


Will you be adding additional content? 

This is always a possibility, as we will continue to look for opportunities to provide channels that improve the value of your TV subscription. 


Do you plan to ever add these channels back? 

Not at this time.


Will recordings I have on my DVR go away from those channels? 

Your recordings will remain in your library. However, future recordings will stop as early as September 3, 2019.