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Sun Outages Oct. 6 - 10

Posted 10/08/2018 by Eagle Communications


Did you know the sun can cause TV outages?

It's true! Twice a year an astronomical phenomenon, called sun outage, can disrupt TV service. Solar outages occur around the spring and summer equinoxes.  At these times, the sun’s low path in the sky takes it directly behind a communication satellite that transmits signals to a station on earth.  The sun’s rays interfere with the signals between the communication satellite and the earth station. 

You may notice the effects of the solar outage – blocks or momentary freezing on your TV – between October 6-10 . You might even lose certain channels for a short time.  Unfortunately, there is nothing to prevent the sun from interfering with your live TV viewing. Thankfully, the outages are not expected to last more than 15 minutes per day. 

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